Cheap & Quality

As low as #1.65k - #1.85k per SMS unit, We offer you the cheapest Bulk SMS services with desired Quality and taste

Instant Support

We provide instant support, listen to you and treat all criticism with respect

Safe & Secured


Our Platform is safe and secured, safe from attacks, and also encrypting all data stored and sent

Welcome to Classic SMS

What makes us Unique

·  Free Registration. No setup fees.

·  Free startup SMS units.

·  We deliver promptly .

·  30,000 SMS/Second Delivery Rate

·  Instant delivery of SMS messages

·  User friendly interface

·  Open Sender IDs: You can send SMS Using any Sender ID you desire.

·  99.5% service uptime, Load balancing for high loads and Redundant servers.

·  Uninterrupted services.

·  Guaranteed SMS Delivery to Over 900 Mobile networks Globally.

·  Dedicated SMS bandwidth

·  Multiple connectivities from various mobile operators.

·  Highest level of security and confidentiality of client database.

·  Competitive prices- We provide highest quality SMS services at affordable prices

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